FarmMikroTech microscopic imaging laboratory

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Scope of services:
drug forms or biological samples imaging by optical or fluorescence microscopy, digital, scanning electron microscopy SEM, confocal microscopy with Raman spectroscopy.
- Z-axis motorized optical and fluorescence microscope Nikon Eclipse 5Oi with polarization and mercury lamp, C. Zeiss lenses (x4, x10, x40, x100)
- digital microscope VHX-7000 with VH-Z20R lense (20x up to 200x)
- X 2000 stereoscopic microscope (Opta Tech)
- Scanning electron microscope SEM Phenom Pro Generation 5 (Thermo Fischer), SED and BSD detectors
- Confocal microscope with Raman spectroscope - WITec Alfa300 Access (WITec GmbH)
- microtom and cryostat Cryotome E (Thermo Electron Corporation)

Examples of research articles:

(2021) PLA–potato thermoplastic starch filament as a sustainable alternative to conventional PLA filament. Processing, characterization and FFF 3D printing. Haryńska, A.; Janik, H.; Sienkiewicz, M.; Mikolaszek, B.; Kucińska-Lipka, J. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (20) 6923-6938
(2020) Analytical Techniques for the Assessment of Drug-Lipid lnteractions and the Active Substance Distribution in Liquid Dispersions of Solid Lipid Microparticles (SLM) Produced de novo and Reconstituted from Spray-Dried Powders. Wolska E, Sznitowska M, Krzemińska K, Ferreira Monteiro M Pharmaceutics. 12(7):664
(2020) Preparation of delayed-release multiparticulate formulations of diclofenac sodium and evaluation of their dissolution characteristics using biorelevant dissolution methods. D. Zakowiecki, M. Szczepanska, T. Hess, K. Cal, B. Mikolaszek, J. Paszkowska, M. Wiater, D. Hoc, G. Garbacz. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (60) 101986


Type of infrastructure:
'Core Lab' laboratory
Strategic infrastructure:
commercial activities
scientific research

Manager / operator


Manager's name
Prof. Małgorzata Sznitowska, Pharm.D.
Manager's e-mail
Manager's phone
58 349 10 80


Operator's name
Barbara Mikolaszek PhD
Operator's e-mail
Operator's phone
58 349 10 85

Laboratory where the equipment is located

Name of the laboratory
FarmMikroTech microscopic imaging laboratory, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology


Medical University of Gdańsk
Organisational Unit
Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical technology, Microscopic imaging laboratory
Al. Gen. J. Hallera 107
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Access rules

Access rules

Both scientific cooperation and commercial use is possible, in accordance with Rules of CORE FACILITY labs and access is determined separately for each project in accordance with its specificity.