Laboratory of metabolomics research

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Gas chromatograph 8860 GC System coupled with a mass spectrometer 5977B GC / MSD Agilent Technologies
Gas chromatograph coupled with a GCMS TQ 8030 mass spectrometer (SHIMADZU)
1260 Infinity Liquid Chromatograph, coupled with a 6460 Triple Quad LC / MS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, Agilent Technologies
1260 lnfinity liquid chromatograph, coupled with a 6224 LC-TOF / MS time-of-flight mass spectrometer, Agilent Technologies
Scope of services:
- non-targeted qualitative analyses by fingerprinting / footprinting in biological material,
- pharmacometabolomics,
- tracing metabolic pathways (metabolic profiling),
- analyses the decomposition products of xenobiotics, searching for new products of biotransformation of compounds.

Examples of research articles:

1.The potentia! role of fatty acids in prostate cancer determined by GC-MS analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples -MAGDALENA BUSZEWSKA¬FORAJT A, JOANNA RACZAK-GUTKNECHT, MAŁGORZATA ARTYMOWICZ, WOJCIECH WESOŁOWSKI, KAMIL BUCZKOWSKI, EWA IŻYCKA-ŚWIESZEWSKA, MICHAŁ J MARKUSZEWSKI - J Pharm Biomed Anal 2021 Jan 19;196:113907.

2.GC-MS-based untargeted metabolomics of plasma and urine to evaluate metabolic changes in prostate cancer - WIKTORIA STRUCK-LEWICKA, RENAT A WAWRZYNIAK, MAŁGORZATA ARTYMOWICZ, MARTA KORDALEWSKA, MARCIN MARKUSZEWSKI, MARCIN MATUSZEWSKI, PIOTR GUTKNECHT, JANUSZ SIEBERT, MICHAŁ JAN MARKUSZEWSKI. - J. Breath Res. 2020; vol. 14, nr 4, art. 047103, s. 1-13

3.Paraffin-embedded tissue as a novel matrix in metabolomics study: optimization of metabolite extraction method - MAGDALENA BUSZEWSKA-FORAJT A, MAŁGORZAT A PATEJKO, SZYMON MACIOSZEK, DAWID SIGORSKI, EWA IŻYCKA-ŚWIESZEWSKA, MICHAŁ J. MARKUSZEWSKI.- Chromatographia 2019; vol. 82, nr 10, s. 1501-1513.


Type of infrastructure:
'Core Lab' laboratory
Strategic infrastructure:
commercial activities
scientific research

Manager / operator


Manager's name
Prof. Michal Markuszewski, Pharm.D.
Manager's e-mail
Manager's phone
58 349 14 93


Operator's name
Prof. Michal Markuszewski, Pharm.D.
Operator's e-mail
Operator's phone
58 349 14 93

Laboratory where the equipment is located

Name of the laboratory
Laboratory of metabolomics research, Department of Biopharmacy and Pharmacodynamics


Medical University of Gdańsk
Organisational Unit
Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Biopharmacy and Pharmacodynamics, Laboratory of metabolomics research
Al. Gen. J. Hallera 107
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Access rules

Access rules

Both scientific cooperation and commercial use is possible, in accordance with Rules of CORE FACILITY labs and access is determined separately for each project in accordance with its specificity.