Laboratory of Cytogenetic and Molecular Diagnostics

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Main equipment:
- Agilent Technologies hybridization oven for aCGH studies
- CytoHyb CT500 incubator Smartgene Hybridization plate FISH
- Thermobrite Stat-Spin Hybridization Plate for FISH
- NanoDrop ND l OOO spectrophotometer for measuring the concentration of nucleic acids
- Maxwell CSC - nucleic acid isolation
- MiSeq Illumina Sequencer
- Ultrasound DNA fragmentator

Scope of services:
- Short-term cultivation of cell lines derived from lymphocytes, amniocytes, bone marrow cells and cells from neoplastic tissues and other human cells
- Diagnostics of metaphasal chromosomes stained with GTW technique
- Diagnostics of selected chromosomal aberrations / rearrangements using the FISH technique on both metaphages and interphasal nuclei, on the material after cell culture and FFPE tissues.
- Diagnosis of genome imbalances using the microarray technique (aCGH).
- Nucleic acids isolation from various types of biological material.
- Molecular studies with the use of molecular biology techniques, i.e. next-generation sequencing (NGS) and direct sequencing using the Sanger method, MLPA, qPCR, HRM.

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Type of infrastructure:
'Core Lab' laboratory
Strategic infrastructure:
commercial activities
scientific research

Manager / operator


Manager's name
Prof. Bartosz Wasąg, M.D., Ph.D.
Manager's e-mail
Manager's phone
58 349 15 31


Operator's name
Monika Żuk Ph.D.
Operator's e-mail
Operator's phone
58 349 14 60

Laboratory where the equipment is located

Name of the laboratory
Laboratory of Cytogenetic and Molecular Diagnostics


Medical University of Gdańsk
Organisational Unit
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biology and Medical Genetics, Laboratory of Cytogenetic and Molecular Diagnostics
Dębinki 1
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Access rules

Access rules

Both scientific cooperation and commercial use is possible, in accordance with Rules of CORE FACILITY labs and access is determined separately for each project in accordance with its specificity.