microscale thermophoresis

Monolith NT.115

The Monolith NT.115 Blue/Red uses microscale thermophoresis (MST) technology to measure the interaction between a fluorescently labeled sample and a ligand even under near-native conditions. The interaction is measured in solution (without immobilization) using a temperature gradient over time. The M.O.Control software automatically calculates the binding affinity (KD) from the fitted curves on a plot of fluorescence versus ligand concentration. The Monolith analysis is fast (takes 15 minutes) and requires only small amounts of sample (4 µl per capillary).

A platform for comprehensive protein characterization

The platform includes instruments from NanoTemper Technologies:- Monolith NT.115 Pico-red/Nano-blue instrument for studying the affinity of the protein-ligand system interaction in solution using microscale thermophoresis- Prometheus NT.48 AGOHTU instrument for studying stability and aggregation properties of proteins is used for comprehensive characterization of chemical, thermal in the range of 15 - 110 °C and colloidal stability of proteins in solution by means of precise analysis of the change in internal fluorescence in the structure of the molecule.