Jasco FT/IR-410 Spectrometer

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Jasco FT/IR-410 is a powerful Mid-IR FTIR spectrometer (wavenumber range 7800 to 350 cm-1), with many features that you find in a research grade instrument, such as non-hygroscopic KRS-5 windows to prevent damage to the interferometer, a temperature controlled DLaTGS detector and a high output ceramic source for maximum sensitivity. Permanent optical alignment is guaranteed by corner cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment for maximum energy. With high resolution 0.4cm-1 and a S/N greater than 35,000:1.
For most routine analysis the FT/IR-4X is used with the integrated ATR-PRO 4X single bounce ATR with a choice of prisms including a high throughput monolithic diamond, germanium (ideal for carbon-black samples) or ZnSe (with high index of refraction = 2.4). A choice of clamps with pressure up to 10,000 psi ensures the best sample contact with the crystal.
For flexible applications a second detector can be added, such as an MCT or InGaAs with automatic exchange and dedicated options to work from the near- to mid-IR and from mid- to the far-IR. Combined with Spectra Manager™ Suite, that is compatible with Windows 10 or 11 Pro and Enterprise with user-customizable interface for automating routine tasks such as sample identification and quality testing using Quick-Start and QC Compare (with build your own library capability).
System Features
• Wavenumber range, with standard DLaTGS detector 7800 to 350 cm-1
• Optional NIR and Far IR options with ceramic light source or halogen lamp, fixed broad-band beam-splitter and two detector positions
• Comprehensive range of sampling accessories with IQX Accessory recognition for solids, liquids and gases
• Built-in automated validation with NIST traceable polystyrene and glass filters
• Vibration-proof optical bench
• Large sample compartment
• Corner-cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with automatic energy alignment
• Purgeable sections: sample compartment and detector housing (interferometer as option)
• High sensitivity DLaTGS detector
• Options for FTIR microscopy and IR Imaging
• Up to 80Hz Rapid scan with interval scan for fast kinetic measurement
• Wavenumber extension for NIR, mid-IR and far-IR
• Optional 21 CFR part 11, IQ OQ and GxP compliance


Type of infrastructure:
large research equipment
Strategic infrastructure:
commercial activities
scientific research

Manager / operator


Manager's name
Prof. Wiesław Sawicki, Pharm.D.
Manager's e-mail
Manager's phone
58 349 12 79


Operator's name
Adrian Szewczyk, Pharm.D.
Operator's e-mail
Operator's phone
58 349 14 58


Jasco, Japan

Laboratory where the equipment is located

Name of the laboratory
Department of Physical Chemistry


Medical University of Gdańsk
Organisational Unit
Department of Physical Chemistry
Al. Gen. J. Hallera 107
Postal Code
Laboratory room no. 7

Access rules

Access rules

The apparatus is available for use after agreeing its availability with the laboratory manager. Both scientific cooperation and commercial use is possible, and access is determined separately for each project in accordance with its specificity.